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"It takes less time to do things right than to explain why you did it wrong"

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Emi Gosling, B.Pharm (Syd. Uni)

I have extensive experience in the promotion and marketing of Therapeutic Goods. This experience is drawn from a professional career spanning 25 years.  For over three years I was also employed as the delegate of Secretary of the Department of Health,  Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as the Advertising Services Manager at ASMI (Australian Self-Medication Industry) . 

In this position I had complete responsibility for assessment of direct-to-consumer advertisements for scheduled and complementary medicines for compliance with the Therapeutic Goods Act, Therapeutic Goods Regulations and the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code.

Complementary (CM), Over the Counter (OTC) and other Medicine advertising is required to meet particular advertising standards. The requirements and permissible nature of the advertising is dependent on the audience. I am familiar with the differing allowances for all scheduled and unlisted therapeutic goods and services. I have experience with all manner of media and their associated pressures; be it TV commercials, outdoor billboards, on-line or social advertising, websites or traditional print and advertorials.

I have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of relevant State and Commonwealth laws and legislation.  In my work I commonly encounter the 'grey areas' that many advertisers find very difficult to understand and navigate. Food, cosmetic and consumer goods often have benefits that nudge the interface of a therapeutic use and I am often asked where the boundaries lie and how to safely promote uses while remaining compliant. The advertising of healthcare services that incorporate therapeutic goods is another area where advertisers often require my expert assistance.  

My years of work with the TGA and ASMI has melded superbly with professional qualifications of being a pharmacist and as a (former) retail business proprietor. The combination of these skills and my knowledge-base has developed in me, a unique and valuable ability; the capacity to interpret advertising from the perspective of a qualified healthcare professional & retailer, as well as appreciating the viewpoint of an average consumer looking for solutions to their health conditions. 

I am an accomplished presenter and trainer, experienced in developing and delivering tailored, full-day training seminars to regulatory and marketing industry associates throughout Australia. I encourage the continued education and professional development of healthcare industry advertisers. 
My considerable experience dealing with the Health Department and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and my command of the State and Commonwealth legislation surrounding all therapeutic goods in a highly regulated environment keeps me committed to my professional values. 

I am a highly motivated advocate for the promotion & improvement of self-care within our society and remain fully supportive of a system that protects the more vulnerable members of our community. As a registered and practicing pharmacist, I appreciate a patient's needs and aim to assist marketers responsibly advertise products and services that support patients improve their health outcomes.

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