e-MAS services.

"If you think compliance is expensive- try non-compliance" 

Paul McNulty, Former US Deputy Attorney General




All services are preferentially offered on a retainer basis.

This provides the assurance of quality, task-driven outcomes based on your business goals,  allows for careful and accurate budgeting and assures you of ready help, just when you need it. 

Conditions and service details will be tailored specifically to your needs.

Not sure how long you will need? Don't worry, we are able to offer an hourly rate for your convenience.   (more)



PRE-SUBMISSION SCREEN introductory offer*

(Only available until pre-vetting is abolished July 1st, 2020) 

Safeguard or nuisance? Legislation states some materials must be submitted to CHC or ASMI for pre-vetting. Unfortunately, undetected advertising compliance issues can sometimes have a serious impact on your deadline.

A pre-screen by e-MAS is the answer.  Gain confidence that your application will comply with the Code having been alerted to any problematic elements of the script and should you wish, seek a solution that will still retain your important message. (more)

*Conditions apply 


project pre-release review

Before your campaign material is published or broadcast,  we will provide an expert inspection of the entire project. This investigation will  alert advertisers to any potential area where compliance issues may arise. These can subsequently be resolved by working directly with e-MAS or addressed internally.

Perhaps an independent pre-release review should be incorporated into your compliance management systems? Demonstration of reasonable steps will strengthen an organisation's due diligence defense.  (more)



project planning

Assistance and guidance available at all stages of campaign development. From preliminary guidance for content writers and developers in the early briefing stage, all the way to a final concept compliance appraisal prior to the client delivery. (more)


complaint advice 

Making a complaint about an advertisement: Advice and guidance on the new complaints mechanism. 

Responding to a complaint:  If your product is the subject of a complaint, expert advice is available on how to respond in  the most appropriate manner. 

regulatory training 

In-house, small group training available for either half or full day. Material will be tailored to your companies specific needs and allows for relaxed and confidential Q & A sessions. 

Adequate and appropriate training is considered a key element of Compliance Management (AS ISO 19600).  We can help fulfill this aspect of your Compliance plan. 

Should you wish for an opportunity to engage a specialised  guest speaker, demonstrating your commitment to advertising regulatory compliance, please be in touch to discuss options further. (more)



website compliance review

Have you received a letter? Or are you in fear of another? A review of your site by e-MAS, an expert in the area, could alert you to possible areas of non-compliance while also demonstrating your pro-active approach to addressing the matter.

Website compliance assessments are available for Consumer Product sites, Healthcare Professional Services sites or Retailer Sites whether live or under construction. (more)




post-market assessment

Your campaign is live but you'd like e-MAS to scrutinise it thoroughly for advertising compliance, minimising  the risk of the content generating a complaint. 

With non-compliance penalties rising sharply, a thorough check by an objective expert could avoid a lot of wasted time and money. (more)





Looking for where to find all the relevant legislation? Save time searching and contact e-MAS.  Ask us for electronic copies or links to the important information you need. 



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