“Working with Emi has made such a difference to our timelines. No more back and forth between marketing and regs. Her attention to detail and critical eye has given us in marketing, assurances we have always needed.”

Support for Emi Gosling,  e-MAS and the promotional review of health advertising. 


'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.'

— Benjamin Franklin

With the impending abolition of some of the current safeguards, there is the distinct possibility that non-compliant materials may be made public. 

A far more sensible approach would be to have materials pre-checked than to have to endure the penalties incurred. 

independent Consumer representative


Emi has been wonderful to work with; polite and friendly yet efficient and meticulous. We are a very busy agency and Emi's exceptional compliance standards assure us the scripts are thoroughly checked against relevant codes and alleviates our worries as we proceed to filming and recording. 

— Jennifer H,

agency producer-

stratosphere, melbourne

"Three words come to mind when I think of Emi Gosling: thorough, dedicated and talented. Emi was a tremendous support throughout our working relationship (former employer) across many years, and I felt I could truly rely on her for accurate information to back me legally. Always on time and delivered with warmth.”

— Lisa H,

production manager-

CHE Proximity, Melbourne