Poison Schedule 3 changes to affect advertising restrictions.

The TGA has released their latest this information as part of their Scheduling News announcement. 

Schedule 3 Advertising reforms


The default position regarding advertising of Schedule 3 substances has shifted to allow substances to be advertised unless the Scheduling Delegate determines they should not be. Substances that can be advertised will still be included in Appendix H of the Poisons Standard.

The SPF factors for Appendix H have been revised as follows:

Appendix H - Schedule 3 medicines permitted to be advertised

A new or amended entry to Appendix H may be made by the Secretary after taking into account matters set out in the Guidelines for advertising of substances included in Schedule 3 of the Poisons Standard (the Guideline).

Schedule 3 medicine substances will be included in Appendix H unless the Secretary determines there are reasons for not permitting the advertising of a particular substance. The Guideline sets out when substances cannot be advertised.

It is planned that the working group mentioned above will consider the substances currently in Schedule 3 but not in Appendix H for suitability for advertising, and provide advice to the scheduling delegate to inform his/her final decision.

This group will also provide input to the factors for determining suitability for advertising, which will be published in the new "Guidelines for advertising substances included in Schedule 3 of the Poisons Standard". They will also provide input to the mandatory requirements for advertisements for these substances which will be incorporated in the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code, which will undergo public consultation in early 2018.

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